Aimee Anderson

Jun 6, 2010


Good evening and long time no see. I'll offer you my excuse, but what's yours? Okay, it's my blog you say, alright, moving on then. I still haven't called all those Tommy Wards. But I have several good reasons:

1. Remember that 10 pager I said I had to write? It turned out to be 22 pages and still going. Even for a graduate writing student that's verbose.

2. Summer has not yet started and I'm a teacher--huffing and puffing toward that finish line. (Insert image of cheer leaders since I teach high school)

3. I have a life, okay! A girl's got to have some fun. My mom always says, "You can never have too much fun." See Mom, I do listen. As such, I'm looking forward to a summer full of favorite way to sweat.

4. I've been working on getting published and that's time consuming. Which brings me to the image of Mia Michaels (not quite as dissonant as the image of Jane Fonda in my last post). I sent a "pitch" to Bitch magazine (like that rhythm and rhyme--don't ya) and it was accepted! Look for my small blurb about Mia's fabulous--or as some are now saying-- faboo feminist presence on So You think You can Dance. It comes out in December.

Okay--so the excuses--you might say are exhausting. Not to mention, entirely unrelated to this blog. Not so--I say. For this blog is merely an extension of my fragmented pursuits. I will dial down the list of Tommy Wards and when I do, I promise to share my findings with you.

When I'm writing I like to pretend I have this huge fan base that's reading--so I just want to say--I love you all!

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  1. Wow, congrats on getting a blurb about Mia in Bitch Magazine! That sounds really fab. Mia's brilliant... think you'll send her a clip of the blurb once it's out? ;)