Aimee Anderson

May 9, 2010

A List of Tommy Wards

It's mother's day and my Sunday will be full of loving all the mothers in my life. Especially the one who brought me here to this earth, and bestowed upon me the endless material for my writing.

Ahem, let's get to the point: Right now I have a list of 20 Tommy Wards to call, the one I called previously was not my dad after all. The reason I haven't made my way through the list: time. And, well, fear. My life is a juggling act as it is: I have over 100 students to teach, mentor, and grade. I have a family at home. I have friends I try to hang with. I have Pilates class and morning miles and my 4 dogs to tend to. And then there's the mundane: cooking, cleaning, laundry. And the most dreaded of all: Going to the grocery store. Last, there's graduate school. I have a 10 pager due by the end of the month, not to mention some brilliant revisions to get at. How can I take the time to call all these Tommy Wards? And what kind of toll could it take on my emotional life--already fragile enough?

So here's to you, dear readers, I will make my way through the list and reveal the real Tommy time.

Till then, this blog will be up and running, and I hope to reach a conclusion sooner rather than later. My next blog might be about feminism and the beauty industry. Can these two ideologies coexist? I know it's a far cry from finding my father, and I like it for that very reason alone.

Happy Mother's Day, A.E.

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