Aimee Anderson

Jun 27, 2010

Found Him

My Uncle Mike located Tom Ward. My dad lives in Waterbury, CT, not in a nice section of town. It appears he may not even have a phone, or if he does, it's unlisted. Uncle Mike has a friend who still visits Tom from time to time, from these visits it's obvious that Tom continues to have a drinking problem. He lives paycheck to paycheck working menial jobs. Uncle Mike adds, "He seems to find a way to get arrested about twice a year."

As such, I think I'll back off from any hopes of meeting this father of mine. I liked him better as an imaginative narrative I built piece by piece from childhood collage. I want to keep him as the man who wrote on typewriters, did performance art, and took me to a jazz concert when I was a little girl. To me, he will always look like Jack Wagner.

I include a picture of my young mother holding her baby girl. In this photo you see the adventure we're about to have--some of it hard, scary, and unpredictable, but always we are a team of exciting strength.

Thank you followers--hope you will stay with me as I begin my next project...More coming soon!


  1. How interesting. In our post-psycho-analytic society, this inquiry into your past is fascinating.

  2. Amazing photo -- has such a strong mood to it.

  3. I absolutely love that picture - and the zillion things you can take away from looking at it. I just found your blog on SheWrites and now will have to go back and follow your journey. The great part is that I know I will be working toward both a happy ending - you found the thing you were looking for - and a grown-up response to that ending - the guy's no fairy tale and that's okay, because you know what you know and can now move on. Can't wait to start reading!

  4. Hi! I found you on She Writes and am a new follower. Your posts made me want to read more. I can't wait! Keep 'em coming...