Aimee Anderson

Apr 28, 2010

Found him, or not?

I was about to call it a night when an hour ago I received a message that contained several promising leads for the Mr. Tommy Ward. There were five Tom Wards to choose from, I chose the Tommy Ward who's 56 living in Milford, CT. I knew he graduated high school in 72. So the chronology seemed to fit. Without thinking I called him at once, on the fourth ring a cheerful, deep voice said "hello" in that way that sounds like "Yellow." I asked if he were Tommy Ward; he corrected me and said Tom. I asked if he knew Nancy Anderson. He took a deep breath and then sighed, "Sort of. Why?" I said, "I'll just cut to the chase. Do you remember Amy, the little girl Nancy had?" He said, "No not really, what's this about?" Finally I thought to ask about Naugatuck High--he said hadn't gone there. His voice was soft and weak. We both trailed off and said quiet goodbyes.

So if this was my dad, we got off to a rough start. I remain optimistic. More to come. This I can assure you of.


  1. You are so brave! This will definitely be a journey. You are handling it with such grace and patience.

  2. Yes you are very brave..I wish you the best in your search!

  3. Anxious for you ... hope all goes well.

  4. Triple brave you are for sure. Cold call, warm reception and then fizzle, drizzle. Couldn't help (blame it on my Dutch ear) understanding "yellow" as a character flaw, wanting to dislike the man who wouldn't be your dad at the first ring. All the best with your search!