Aimee Anderson

Apr 17, 2010

What I now Know

Good morning! I've got a feeling that sooner rather than later I will find the whereabouts of Tommy Ward. For now, let me fill you in on the latest updates. My Aunt Sue wrote me and said that the last time she saw Tommy was in 1985 at a bar in Naugatuck (they were high school classmates). At the bar they caught up and exchanged phone numbers. Later that night Tommy called her at home, at 2 AM, and they talked for several hours). I have no clue as to what they discussed, but the more I learn about Tommy, the more I realize he was troubled. Most accounts of him reveal that he drank a lot, and was depressed about his estrangement from his offspring. When I ask Mom about his financial situation, she says that she can't remember. She adds that he seemed to have steady employment, but no real career. Another issue, apparently Mom was "tricked" into identifying him as my father when she was receiving Food Stamps and other forms of government aid. According to her, she did not want to get him in any sort of trouble. But the last time they ran into each other he was upset with her, for the government had been trying to garnish his wages.

Naturally Mom wonders if he left Naugatuck to avoid legal hang-ups, but no one really knows when he left, where he went to, and where he is now. Aunt Sue promises to talk to some of her high school friends to see if are there are any leads. Uncle Mike knows his friend John Letts, and will see if he can find out more about Tommy through John. I have other relatives and friends who are ready to formally investigate where he might be (once we can gather just a bit more information).

This is my update. I'm nervous about who Tommy Ward might be now, if he's still alive. I hope he's well, happy, and ready to meet me, but I can't be sure.

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